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CHICKENFRICE is comprised of an international team of partners from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, US and UK that operates the following businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and the USA.

ACCORD logo ACCORD Investment Group is registered in Australia. ACCORD invests in companies with experienced management, solid track record, and potential to be market leaders. Suitable companies include those involved in food distribution, food manufacturing, franchise, food kiosks, health foods, fruits, beverages, and agriculture.
Agrokings logo AGROKINGS is registered in the USA. AGROKINGS is involved in food distribution, franchise, and investments. AGROKINGS has built a complete and holistic business system encompassing manufacturing, distribution, retail, franchise, and investments. AGROKINGS is expanding its business in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia through its strategic partnerships and planned investments in these countries and regions.
Ardent Logo ARDENT BAKERS is registered in New Zealand. ARDENT has 3 factories in New Zealand, strategically located nationwide so to cater to its customers in major cities. Ardent owns the Intellectual Property of producing premium quality and pillow-soft donuts. It supplies wholesale baked products to cafes, retail stores, and, petrol stations.
BRICO Logo BRICO is registered in the Philippines. BRICO is involved in the development and distribution of natural skincare products from Canada. The skincare products are made from pure fruits and have received approval from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the Philippines. The products will be distributed through its own sales teams and distributors across the region. 
BCC logo British Cambridge College (BCC)  is registered in the Philippines and the USA. BCC offers a wide range of soft skill programs at the most affordable prices. The programs are meant to assist millions of job seekers to improve their employment opportunities and current employees to improve their skills to increase productivity and promotion opportunities. BCC will also provide training programs geared towards providing skilled trainees and future employees for its business partners. 
ChickenFrice Logo CHICKENFRICE Global (CHICKENFRICE) is registered in the USA. CHICKENFRICE supplies its specially blended sauces to over 500 food outlets, restaurants, and kiosks. CHICKENFRICE started its own franchise so that more people can enjoy its great tasting sauces with its modern twist of fusion meals consisting of Chicken, Fries, and Rice which has proven to be a hit with all communities.
Epiphany Cafe logo EPIPHANY CAFE (EPIPHANY) is registered in New Zealand. EPIPHANY has been nominated and won several awards in New Zealand. EPIPHANY currently has 16 stores across New Zealand, EPIPHANY has established a partnership with CHICKENFRICE to setup company-owned kiosk and secure Master franchisees and franchisees across Asia.
Gorgeous Logo Gorgeous Coffee Co. is registered in New Zealand. Gorgeous Coffee has developed unique blends of organic, premium arabica coffee. It has a close relationship with its suppliers, ensuring that the coffee beans are ethically produced, grown, and harvested in a responsible manner and fairly traded. The company has developed a sugar-free coffee range made with organic ingredients such as NZ manuka honey, barley grass powder, stevia, and, coconut milk powder.
SELLSIA logo SELLSIA International Trading is registered in the Philippines. SELLSIA started as a general trading company supplying a wide range of products and services through its multi-million dollar projects and contracts to 100s of government departments and local government units (LGUs) across the Philippines for over 5 years.